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Dr. Mark Reiner treats a wide range of hernias at his private practice in NYC, including inguinal hernias, incisional hernias, sports hernias, and more. If you’re suffering from a hernia, the first step to relieving your pain is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Reiner, an internationally recognized expert in minimally invasive hernia repair and a Professor of Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Learn more about hernias and the types of hernias Dr. Reiner treats below.

What is a hernia?

The body is broken into compartments, which include the chest cavity, abdominal cavity, as well as the arms and legs. When an organ structure moves outside of its normal cavity through a weakened area of the body, it is called a hernia. Hernia conditions can cause serious complications in addition to daily pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, hernias do not go away on their own. However, advances in modern surgical techniques have made minimally invasive hernia treatment possible, which can restore function and alleviate pain and other side effects of hernias to get you back to your normal life faster.

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If you are suffering from a hernia, the first step to improving your health and getting back to your regular pain-free life is to schedule a consultation with an experienced hernia doctor. Dr. Mark Reiner is a top surgeon in the field of minimally invasive hernia repair, and has performed thousands of successful hernia operations. Contact Dr. Reiner today by calling 212.879.6677 or filling out the form on this page.
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