Laparoscopic Sports Hernia Repair Surgery in NYC

What is laparoscopic sports hernia repair surgery?

Laparoscopic sports hernia repair is a treatment option for patients who are suffering from a sports hernia, an injury that occurs in the groin area and is commonly seen in soccer and hockey players, or any sport where there is torsion of the upper body against the lower body at the groin or waist level. There are two options for treating this condition  open surgery and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. While both typically yield good results, laparoscopic surgery, when indicated, is a better option because the procedure requires less downtime, with an earlier return to full physical activity.

If you require laparoscopic sports hernia surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Reiner in NYC. Dr. Reiner is a leader in laparoscopic hernia repair and was one of the first doctors to perform minimally invasive hernia surgery. Over his career, Dr. Reiner has performed over 2,500 successful hernia repair procedures. Learn more about laparoscopic sports hernia surgery below.

Why is laparoscopic sports hernia repair surgery performed?

Many patients choose to undergo laparoscopic sports hernia repair (when indicated) rather than traditional open surgery in an attempt to reduce recovery time. Any of the below symptoms of a sports hernia may warrant a visit to Dr. Reiner to determine whether you are suffering from a sports hernia and to discuss your treatment options:

  • Groin pain that is severe and sudden
  • Pain when twisting or moving abdomen
  • Pain that goes away and returns during physical activity
  • Tenderness in upper thigh or lower abdomen
  • Pain that is felt in one side of the groin
  • Chronic groin pain

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What does laparoscopic sports hernia repair surgery involve?

If your doctor recommends undergoing a laparoscopic sports hernia repair operation, you will visit your surgeon for the operation and rehabilitation when needed. The laparoscopic sports hernia procedure involves your surgeon making a small incision, through which the laparoscope—a small tool used to view your internal structures—is inserted. Your surgeon will make any repairs needed to the inguinal wall with the guidance of the laparoscope, and then close the incision.

After surgery, your doctor will likely inform you about what to do during your recovery period. Most athletes can return to their normal activities as well as participate in sports within several weeks of the surgery.

What are the advantages of undergoing sports hernia repair surgery with Dr. Reiner?

Undergoing laparoscopic sports hernia repair with Dr. Reiner can offer the following benefits to patients experiencing pain from a sports hernia:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Restores function
  • Relieves pain
  • Minimal downtime
  • Can return to sports shortly after procedure

If you are suffering from a sports hernia, you may be a good candidate for a minimally invasive sports hernia repair. Dr. Mark Reiner is a top surgeon in the field of minimally invasive hernia repair, and has performed thousands of successful hernia operations. Contact Dr. Reiner today by calling 212.879.6677 or or filling out the appointment request form on this page.

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