Concurrent Laparoscopic & Open Sports Hernia Repair in NYC

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What is concurrent laparoscopic and open sports hernia repair?

In some cases, a sports hernia is more complex and requires your surgeon to utilize more than one surgical technique to ensure a successful treatment of the hernia. When this is necessary, it is called concurrent laparoscopic and open sports hernia repair.

If you have a complex sports hernia, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Reiner in NYC. Dr. Reiner is a leader in hernia surgery and repair, having performed thousands of hernia repair procedures during his career. Learn more about concurrent laparoscopic and open sports hernia repair below.

Laparoscopic Sports Hernia Repair

The laparoscopic technique involves using a laparoscope during hernia surgery to better view areas of the body that are not in plain sight. The laparoscope is a tube-like tool, which has a camera at the end and allows your surgeon to see small areas of your body and help guide the surgery.

Open Sports Hernia Repair

The open surgical technique uses a larger incision so your surgeon is able to view your hernia clearly while operating. This will allow your surgeon the ability to alter specific tendons and repair muscles that are often the cause of sports hernias. This ability can be limited if only using the laparoscopic technique. Open repair is often needed when the hernia is complex or recurring.

What are the benefits of using both laparoscopic and open surgical techniques for hernia treatment?

This combination of surgical techniques can help reduce the chances that a hernia will recur in the future, as well as correct any issues with the adductor tendon, inguinal ligament, or rectus muscle contributing to a sports hernia.

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