In May of 2002, you operated on me for a colon resection due to carcinoma of the colon. I was 55 then, and I am now just short of 70 years.

It was found that the cancer had regionally spread in the lymph nodes, so I went through the chemotherapy successfully and I have since been an extremely healthy person. I love my life and I feel such gratitude for all the medical help and advice I have been given over the years. But I have a special gratitude to you Dr. Reiner, because it was your skill and hard work that successfully removed the tumor and lymph nodes in such a way that, with the combination of chemotherapy and the surgery, I have remained healthy and free of any recurrence.

I also remember how kind and personable you were to me. I've been meaning to write this letter for at least 10 years now, and I feel quite relieved to have finally thanked you for your skills and dedication, which have given me many happy years.

When I went to your office with my diagnosis of two inguinal hernias, I already had formed opinions of the discomfort, pain and limited activity I would suffer... To hear you say I would be on a stationary bike or treadmill the day after my laparoscopic double hernia operation was unbelievable. However, I trusted you and was impressed by the length of time you spent explaining the procedure, going over all aspects of the surgery and recovery period. The day of the surgery came, and you made me feel at ease... To say I was shocked is at a minimum, to find myself being able to get on and do a stationary bicycle the next day. Back to work on the third day after surgery and playing golf (better than ever) the following weekend. It is not often people live up to their promises, and you did. Thank you.

We want you to know how grateful we are for fitting in our old frail father so quickly and being so accommodating on all levels. We feel incredibly lucky to have a father in our hands. You have given us, his children, peace of mind knowing that you’re the best doctor to get him best odds for an easy recovery. Thank you for being not only an incredible doctor but also an exceptionally generous and caring human being.

Dr. Reiner is an expert in his field. He immediately knew what needed to be done to help my husband. I highly recommend Dr. Reiner.

I would like to thank you for your surgical care of my daughter. As you know, she is the joy of my life and the thought that I might lose her was too much for me to handle. Your surgical expertise and timely diagnosis made her well and brought her home to me. I found it so assuring the way you explained the situation, always answering all my questions with honesty and patience. Your warmth and caring for my daughter and my family will never be forgotten.

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