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If you feel back pain, a dragging sensation, or a bulge in the side of your abdomen following an operation, you may have a lumbar (flank) hernia. Your first step to treatment and recovery is to schedule a consultation with world-renowned hernia surgeon Dr. Mark Reiner in NYC. Dr. Reiner has performed thousands of successful hernia surgeries, including lumbar hernia repair. Learn more about Flank hernia symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options below.

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What is a lumbar hernia?

A lumbar hernia, also known as a flank hernia, is a certain type of hernia that occurs after an operation (usually to surgically treat a kidney or lung problem) or after a traumatic injury to the abdominal wall. This type of hernia occurs on the side of the abdominal wall and can cause back pain and marked deformity. When left untreated, the hernia can continue to protrude, creating a noticeably large lump on the side of the abdomen. Today, flank hernias can be treated through minimally invasive options, with a high success rate and speedier recovery than traditional techniques.

What Are the Symptoms of a Flank Hernia?

While a lumbar hernia can occur without showing any symptoms, usually one or more signs of the condition can be detected. It is important to visit a doctor or a hernia expert, such as Dr. Mark Reiner, if you suffer from any of the following signs and symptoms of a lumbar hernia:

  • Back pain
  • Dragging sensation
  • Bulge in the side of the abdomen
  • Bulge that does not go away or grows in size over time

What Our Patients Have to Say

“When I went to your office with my diagnosis of two inguinal hernias, I already had formed opinions of the discomfort, pain and limited activity I would suffer… To hear you say I would be on a stationary bike or treadmill the day after my laparoscopic double hernia operation was unbelievable. However, I trusted you and was impressed by the length of time you spent explaining the procedure, going over all aspects of the surgery and recovery period. The day of the surgery came, and you made me feel at ease… To say I was shocked is at a minimum, to find myself being able to get on and do a stationary bicycle the next day. Back to work on the third day after surgery and playing golf (better than ever) the following weekend. It is not often people live up to their promises, and you did. Thank you.”

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What are the risk factors for a lumbar hernia?woman with abdominal pain

While anyone can suffer from a flank hernia, your chances of developing the condition may increase if you:

  • Are between the ages of 50 and 70
  • Are male
  • Have had previous abdominal, flank or chest surgery

How is a Flank Hernia Diagnosed?

If you believe you may be suffering from a lumbar hernia, it is important to visit a specialist in hernia treatment, such as Dr. Reiner. To make an accurate diagnosis for lumbar hernia, your doctor will check you for physical signs of the condition as well as ask you about your symptoms and medical history. In some cases, MRI scans or CT scans may be used to pinpoint the exact etiology of your lumbar hernia symptoms. If your condition is found to be a lumbar hernia, your doctor will recommend treatment options to relieve your discomfort and prevent future, more serious, complications.

How is a lumbar hernia treated?

If Dr. Reiner determines that you are suffering from a flank hernia, he may recommend a lumbar hernia repair surgery.

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If you are suffering from a lumbar hernia, the first step to improving your health and getting back to your regular pain-free life is to schedule a consultation with an experienced hernia doctor. Dr. Mark Reiner is a top surgeon in the field of minimally invasive hernia repair, and has performed thousands of successful hernia operations. Contact Dr. Reiner today by calling 212.879.6677 or filling out the form on this page.

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