Hernia Surgery & Repair Procedures in NYC

Dr. Mark Reiner performs a wide range of surgical procedures for the treatment of hernias, including minimally invasive laparoscopic hernia repair, open hernia surgery for complex incisional hernias, and robotic hernia repair.

Dr. Reiner is nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in the field of minimally invasive hernia repair. He was one of the first in the country to develop and perform surgical techniques in laparoscopy and has been teaching laparoscopic techniques to other surgeons for decades. Dr. Reiner has personally performed over 2500 laparoscopic hernia repairs in his career, making him one of the most experienced surgeons in his field worldwide.

His experience includes performing successful repairs on a vast array of different types of hernias, including inguinal hernias, incisional hernias, and sports hernias, just to name a few.

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Dr. Reiner is an expert in his field. He immediately knew what needed to be done to help my husband. I highly recommend Dr. Reiner.

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If you are suffering from a hernia, the first step to improving your health and getting back to your regular pain-free life is to schedule a consultation with an experienced hernia doctor. Dr. Mark Reiner is a top surgeon in the field of minimally invasive hernia repair, and has performed thousands of successful hernia operations. Contact Dr. Reiner today by calling 212.879.6677 or filling out the form on this page.

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